Submersible Single-phase Portable Residue Drainage Pumps LSC2.75S

The LSC2.75S model, equipped with a 750 W motor, has been newly added to Tsurumi’s LSC submersible single-phase portable residue drainage pump series. With a maximum head (17 m) 42% higher than that of the conventional 480 W model, LSC2.75S sucks residue to drain spots deeper in the ground and farther from the pump than ever.

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Equipped with a specially designed bottom plate, the LSC-series pumps drain residue down to the lowest water level of 1 mm. This feature makes them suitable to suck out a small amount of residue and pools of water in small hollows.
Other features of the LSC-series include a reverse-flow prevention mechanism, which prevents the sucked water from flowing back when you turn off the pump, and a multi-directional hose coupling, which enables easy switching, only with a wrench, in the discharge direction between vertical and inclined.
As with the conventional 480 W model, the LSC2.75S model is a compact, lightweight and easy to use submersible pump with excellent maintainability and durability. Its flow-thru design provides forced cooling of the motor to support long hours of continuous duty at a low water level.


  • 1. Multi-directional Hose Coupling

    Can be configured for inclined or vertical discharge, allowing for smoother installation.

  • 2. Anti-wicking Cable Entry

    Prevents water incursion due to capillary action should the cable sheath be damaged or the end of cable submerged. Also prevents moist air from infiltrating the motor housing and condensation from forming inside the housing due to temperature differences between the housing and outside air.

  • 3. Dual Inside Mechanical Seals with Silicon Carbide Face

    Isolated in the oil chamber where a clean, non-corrosive and abrasion-free lubricating environment is maintained. Compared with the water-cooled outside mechanical seal, it reduces the risk of failure caused by dry-heating and adhering matter. The silicon carbide provides 5 times higher corrosion, wear and heat resistance than the tungsten carbide.

  • 4. Oil Lifter

    Provides lubrication and cooling of the seal faces down to 1/3 of normal oil level, thus maintaining a stable shaft sealing effect and prolonging seal life longer. The Oil Lifter is Tsurumi original design.

  • 5. V-ring

    Used as a “Dust seal”, they protect the mechanical seal from abrasive particles.

  • 6. Reverse-flow Prevention Mechanism

    A valve seat and swing check valve prevent suctioned water from backflowing.

Performance Curves

* The curves show the pump performance while operating in a hanging condition without any restriction to the suction.


Model Selection 50Hz

Model Motor
Phase Starting
L x W x H
Dry Weight*2
25 LSC1.4S 0.48 Single Capacitor Run 231 x 196 x 316 12 5
50 (25)*1 LSC2.75S 0.75 Single Capacitor Run 236 x 196 x 371 15.2 5

*1 25 mm discharge bore available on special request

*2 Weights excluding cable