Submersible Pumps for High Temperature Liquids

Tsurumi manufactures submersible pumps to handle liquids up to 80°C. Many are already in service at sites that need to discharge high temperature liquids, including industrial wastewater from power plants and steel mills, and hot spring discharge from mines in volcanic zones.
Tsurumi's standard specification pumps can move liquids of up to 40°C, but Rank 60 and 80 pumps are available as options for liquids of 60° and 80°C, respectively. Insulation class, rubber materials, lubrication and bearing grease are upgraded for each temperature rank.
Backed by years of experience and know-how, Tsurumi develops hot liquid pumps to withstand harsh working conditions. Tsurumi also has a wide lineup of pumps for moving seawater and corrosive liquids. For more information, contact an authorized Tsurumi pump dealer.

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Submersible Pumps Lineup for High Temperature Liquids

  • Drainage KTZ

    Tsurumi's flagship line of heavy-duty drainage pumps

  • Slurry GPN

    Slurry pumps that deliver powerful agitation for discharging slurries laden with silt, earth, sand or other particulate

  • Corrosion-Resistant SFQ

    Pumps cast in 316 stainless steel for strong resistance to corrosive liquids

Suitable for draining wastewater from mines, power plants and various industrial facilities.

Selection Table

  Drainage Slurry Corrosion-Resistant
Discharge Bore (mm) 50-150 80-150 80
Mortor Output (kW) 1.5, 3.7-11 5.5-22 1.5-11
Discharge Connection Multi-directional Hose Coupling Hose Coupling Threaded Oval Flange (3.7 kW and below)
Threaded JIS 10kg/cm2 Flange (5.5 kW and above)
Discharge Design Top Discharge, Side Flow Design Side Discharge, with Water Jacket Side Discharge
Feature Heavy-Duty Agitator Made of Cast 316 Stainless Steel
Applicable Ranks
Rank 60·80
[Max. 80°C]
Rank 60·80
[Max. 80°C]
Rank 60·80
[Max. 80°C]

Tsurumi offers other hot liquid pumps than those shown above. For more information, contact your dealer.


  Rank 60
[Liquid of up to 60°C]
Rank 80
[Liquid of up to 80°C]
Insulation Class F Class H
Motor Protector To be removed
Mechanical Seal Standard FPM (FKM)
Oil Seal, Packing,
and O-ring, etc.
Standard (NBR)

(Bend / Flange Packing of SFQ-series: FPM (FKM))
Oil seal, NBR Packing, Bend / Flange
Packing and O-ring: FPM (FKM)
Other Packing: Three Sheet
Cabtyre Cable Chloroprene Rubber Chloroprene Rubber
(For some models, cable thickness is increased.)
Lubricant Standard Turbine Oil, ISO VG56
Bearing Standard Grease Grease for High Temperature Use